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नमस्कार दोस्तों आज हम आपको बताने हैं कि BMC Full Form In Hindi में क्या होता है? और Full Form Of BMC Mumbai और BMC Machine Full Form क्या होता है पुरी जानकारी।दोस्तों वैसे तो भारत देश में लाखों प्रकार के full form का प्रयोग होता हैं इसके बारे मे आप जानते ही हैं और उसी में एक BMC भी word हैं।
दोस्तों हर व्यक्ति को इसका BMC Full Form In Hindi क्या होता पता होना चाहिए और इसके साथ-साथ हि BMC Ka Full Form का पता होना बहुत जरुरी हैं क्युँकि विष्य मे कई बार इस श्ब्द का उपयोग होता हैं।
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Hello, दोस्तों मेरा नाम Seemant Deshmukh है और आप सभी को website पर स्वागत है। यहां पर मेने आज Full Form Of BMC Mumbai क्या होता है उसके बारे में जानकारी दिया हुँ।

What is the full form of BMC?

The BMC Full Form is Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. Formerly, BMC was known as the Bombay Municipal Corporation  and Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay (MCGB) till 1996. 

It is the governing civic body of Mumbai, of the capital city of Maharashtra. It is richest municipal corporation in the India. The annual budget of MCGM’s normally exceeds the annual budget of some of the smaller states in India.

It was well-established under the Bombay Municipal Corporation Act in 1888. 

BMC is responsible for the administration of the city, the civic infrastructure and a few suburbs of Mumbai Trushna Vishwasrao became the first female corporator in 2015 to serve as its leader. 

The organization is headed by an Indian Administration Officer (IAS) who serves as Municipal Commissioner. The BMC is a responsible for the maintenance and including the lighting and cleaning of roadways creation of roads and flyovers. 

It is supposed to maintain health and sanitation; in this connection it manages the garbage collection and disposal, hospitals, the water supply and the sewerage. 

An election is held to elect corporators, who are responsible for enforcing duty and basic civic infrastructure. The Mayor, who serves as head of the house, is usually from the majority party.

BMC Full Form In Hindi

The BMC Full Form In Hindi is बृहन्मुंबई नगर निगम बोलते हैं। BMC को 1996 तक बॉम्बे म्यूनिसिपल कॉर्पोरेशन और म्यूनिसिपल कॉर्पोरेशन ऑफ़ ग्रेटर बॉम्बे (MCGB) के रूप में जाना जाता था।Read also = RCC Full Form In Civil Engineering

Responsibilities Of BMC Officer

The Municipal Corporation is responsible for the creation and maintenance of roads and flyovers, including the cleaning and lighting of roadways. 
It is supposed to maintain sanitation and health; in this connection it manages hospitals, garbage collection and disposal, the sewerage, and the water supply.
Construction and maintenance of streets, roads, subway and flyovers
Cleaning and lighting of roadways, streets, and subways
To work aggressively to prevent the epidemics
To register births and deaths and to hold the power over all cremation and graveyards under its jurisdiction area
To manage the garbage collection and disposal, water supply and the disposal and treatment of sewerage in order to maintain health and sanitation throughout the city
To maintain records of urban property and enforce building norms if required
To create and maintain the parks and public spaces and to ensure coastal safety by providing lifeguards and other facilities at beaches

When was BMC formed?

It was well-established under the Bombay Municipal Corporation Act in 1888.
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1. Water problems2. Uncleared garbage 4. Untidy roads 5. unkempt garden 6. Overflowing drain 7. Malfunctioning sewage 8. Flood – Storm Water Drain/Sewerage 9. Birth/death certificate – health department10. Disposal of bodies, animal carcass – health department11. Dog, cow, buffalo menace – health department12. Violation by builder, developer – building proposal department13. Cutting trees – Garden department14. Trimming trees – Tree Authority


1. Solid Waste Management2. Water Works 3. Sewerage4. Road Maintenance5. Strom Water Drain6. Public Health 7. Education 8. Shops & Established 9. Building Proposal10. Garden


  • Biggest civic body in Asia. 
  • In terms of revenue, it is the richest in India
  • At Rs 12,000-odd crore, its annual budget is bigger than that of small States.
  • Total Area: 437.71 sq km 
  • Wards: 227 [55 reserved for women, include
  • Population: 1,20,00,000+ 
  • Employees: 1,20,000+ 
  • Annual budget: Rs 12,000+ cr
  • In administrative purposes Mumbai is divided into three parts — City, Western suburbs, Eastern suburbs, each headed by a additional commissioner. 

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BMC Machine Full Form

The machine full form Bulk Milk Cooler होता है।

Full Form Of BMC In Mumbai

The full form of BMC in Mumbai is Bombay Municipal Corporation. The BMC is the governing civic body of Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra. It is India’s richest municipal corporation.

BMC office full name

The BMC office full name is Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation होता है।
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Conclusionदोस्तों आज के article में हमने BMC Full Form In Hindi में क्या होता है? और full form of bmc Mumbai और bmc machine full form के बारे में पूरी जानकारी हिंदी में, BMC से जुड़े सभी सवालों के जवाब आपको इस पोस्ट में पढने को मिल जायेंगा।BMC Full Form In Hindi पर दी गयी जानकारी आपको कैसी लगी आप हमे comment द्वारा बता सकते है इसके अलावा अगर आपका कोई सवाल या फिर सुझाव हो तो वो भी हमे जरूर बताएंं।

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