GUI Full Form In Computer In Hindi क्या होता है? – What Is The Full Form Of GUI?

What Is The Full Form Of GUI?

The GUI Full Form In Computer is Graphical User Interface. The GUI is a type of User Interface (UI) that allows users to interact with a computer using graphical elements such as windows, icons, and menus rather than text commands. 

The GUI elements are usually accessed through a pointing device such as a mouse, pen, or stylus.

GUI Full Form In Computer In Hindi में क्या होता है?

The GUI Full Form In Computer In Hindi is Graphical User Interface होता है। 

The GUI is a type of User Interface (UI) that allows users to interact with a computer using graphical elements such as windows, icons, and menus rather than text commands. 

GUI elements are usually accessed through a pointing device such as a mouse, pen, or stylus.

Definition Of Graphical User Interface 

A graphical user interface (GUI) is a type of user interface through which users interact with electronic devices via visual indicator representations.

Graphical User Interface क्या होता?

Graphical user interfaces would become the standard of user-centered design in software application programming, providing users the capability to intuitively operate computers and other electronic devices through the direct manipulation of graphical icons such as buttons, scroll bars, windows, tabs, menus, cursors, and the mouse pointing device. 

Many modern graphical user interfaces feature touchscreen and voice-command interaction capabilities.

Basic Components of a GUI?

Pointer: It is a symbol that appears on the display screen. It can be moved to select commands and objects.

Pointing device: It allows you move the pointer and select objects on the screen, e.g. mouse or trackball.

Icons: It refers to small images on the display screen that represent commands, files, windows etc. Using pointer and pointing device, you can execute these commands.

Desktop: It is the display screen that contains the icons.

Features Of Graphical User Interface (GUI)?

  • It allows you to place more information within a program.
  • The graphics allow users to use complex programs with greater ease.
  • It saves time as you do not need to edit configurations manually.
  • You can easily memorize the tasks (point-and-click).
  • Helps create user-friendly software with a point-and-click interface.

How Does a Graphical User Interface Work?

Graphical user interface design principles conform to the model–view–controller software pattern, which separates internal representations of information from the manner in which information is presented to the user, resulting in a platform where users are shown which functions are possible rather than requiring the input of command codes. 

Users interact with information by manipulating visual widgets, which are designed to respond in accordance with the type of data they hold and support the actions necessary to complete the user’s task.

Graphical user interface testing refers to the systematic process of generating test cases in order to evaluate the functionality of the system and its design elements. Graphical user interface testing tools, which are either manual or automated and typically implemented by third-party operators, are available under a variety of licenses and are supported by a variety of platforms. Popular examples include: Tricentis Tosca, Squish GUI Tester, Unified Functional Testing (UFT), Maveryx, Appium, and eggPlant Functional.

Graphical User Interface Examples 

the first graphical computer-aided design program, was developed in 1962 by Ivan Sutherland while he was at MIT, and consisted of a light pen that enabled users to create and manipulate objects in engineering drawings in real time with coordinated graphics.

Modern operating systems and graphical user interfaces are incorporated into nearly every interactive application, such as ATMs, self-service checkouts, airline self-ticketing and check-in, video games, smartphones, and desktops. 

Some popular, modern graphical user interface examples include Microsoft Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Unity, and GNOME Shell for desktop environments, and Android, Apple’s iOS, BlackBerry OS, Windows 10 Mobile, Palm OS-WebOS, and Firefox OS for smartphones.

Best Programming Language for Graphical User Interfaces

While there are several different visual programming languages with their own unique advantages for the development of a graphical user interface design, C# or Java may be considered preferable options due to their ability to run GUIs simultaneously in a browser and as a desktop application. Other options include Python, HTML5/Javascript, and C/C++.

History of GUI
Earlier, there was no GUI so people used to interact with the command-line interface(CLI). The CLI was not that friendly to use and the end-user was not familiar with all the commands. So to bridge this gap, GUI was introduced. The main aim of the GUI was to make the applications much more user-friendly. People love when the task which they want to perform gets done easily and in an efficient manner.
GUI stresses one of the most important aspects which is “ease of use”.

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FAQS For GUI Full Form

What is the full form of GUI In Computer? 

The Full Form Of GUI In Computer is Graphical User Interface. 

What is short form of Graphical user interface?

GUI is short form of Graphical user interface.

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