TDC Full Form In Education में क्या होता है? – TDC Meaning In Education

दोस्तों आज हम आपको बताने वाले हैं कि आखिर कार TDC Full Form In Education में क्या होता है, आज इस article में जानकारी देने वाले है।

दोस्तों क्या आप TDC Ka Full Form जानते है, अगर आप नहीं जानते हैं तो घबराने की कोई बात नहीं है, आज हम इस article के द्वारा आपको TDC Full Form In Education में क्या होता है? बताने वाले है। 

अगर आप TDC Ka Full Form ढूंढ रहे हैं तो आप हमारे आज के इस post को पूरा पढ़ें क्योंकि इसके बारे में आपको सारी जानकारी यहीं मिल जाएगी।

दोस्तों वैसे तो भारत में लाखों प्रकार के full form का प्रयोग होता हैं इसके बारे मे आप जानते ही हैं और उसी में एक TDC भी word हैं।

TDC Full Form In Education में क्या होता है? 

The TDC Full Form In Education is Teacher Development Coordinator होता है, और इसे हिंदी में शिक्षक विकास समन्वयक बोलते हैं।

The state government launched a sub-branch of the Mentor Teacher initiative called the Teacher Development Coordinator (TDC) Programme.

As part of this, a senior government school teacher was appointed as the TDC who was then guided by the mentor teacher.

The TDC Initiative was started in collaboration with a UK-based NGO named STIR education that developed a learning improvement cycle (LIC) for 1024 government schools in Delhi, aimed at intrinsically motivating the teacher.

What Is TDC In Education? 

The Teacher Development Coordinator (TDC) program, taking forward the government’s Mentor-Teacher program, which was introduced last year.

The heads of schools were asked to select senior teachers from schools run by the Directorate of Education (DoE) for the role of TDC. 

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia had asked 50,000 DoE teachers to come forward and contribute to shaping the agenda of teaching and learning, along with the principals.

The TDCs are participating in induction sessions organized by the 9 DIETs in Delhi, where the faculty oriented them about their role in schools and how they can work closely with their respective principals and peers to create a culture of support for each other.

The government is also planning to provide national and international level exposure to the TDCs, to enhance their worldview, apart from regular thematic training.

What is the role of Teacher Development Coordinator? 

The role of a Teacher Development Coordinator can create a platform for peer learning among teachers and they would be able to explore new ideas and processes of learning,” a senior Delhi government official said.

“The role of teachers is not just to ensure that students learn the subject taught by them but also to make them better human beings. There has to be a convergence among different subjects so that children get a holistic picture.

This is possible only if teachers question the role of their respective subjects in the life of a child, and how it is connected with other subjects,” Sisodia said.

Other Full Form Of TDC? 

Technical Development Conference Governmental » Military
Travel Data Center Governmental » Transportation

Texaco Development Corporation Business » Companies & Firms
Top Dog Crew Miscellaneous » Dogs Related
Three Degrees Centigrade Academic & Science » Chemistry
Totality Design Concepts Business » Companies & Firms


What is the full form of TDC?

The full form of TDC is Top Dead Center. 

What are the full forms of TDC in Academic & Science?

The full forms of TDC in Academic & Science is Top Dead Center

What is the full forms of TDC Worldwide?

Top Dead Center, Time-To-Digital Converter, Type Directors Club, and Torpedo Data Computer. 


Conclusion For TDC Full Form In Education. 

दोस्तों आशा करते हैं कि अपको TDC Full Form In Education और TDC Ka Full Form पता लग गया होगा कि What is the Full Form Of TDC? क्या होता है। 

TDC Full Form In Education पर दी गयी जानकारी आपको कैसी लगी आप हमे comment द्वारा बता सकते है इसके अलावा अगर आपका कोई सवाल या फिर सुझाव हो तो वो भी हमे जरूर बताया है।

दोस्तों आप ये full form वाले article भी पढ़ सकते हैं। 

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